Crystal’s Palace


Crystal’s Palace

This home consists of 3x 40 FT and 1×20 FT with conventional build for middle section.
Total of 3 bedrooms, outdoor room, laundry, walk in pantry, bathroom, kitchen and huge internal living area with clear storey windows with 4 m ceilings. It also include large outdoor deck areas and the storage unit below.

Built on a sloping block, we utilised a 20 foot container to act as storage and part of the footing structure for the top storey.

Built in our factory within 3 weeks fully fitted with kitchen, internal wall and ceiling insulation, bathrooms and all glazing.

Once installed onsite by their local builder, timber floor was installed and roof was erected.
6 weeks later this beautiful family of 5 moved from a caravan they lived in for years to this new container home.

Total cost of container units including roofing panels $210,000 plus install quote of $74,000.
Total end cost including landscaping and ready to move in was $320,000

All homes are custom built. Full specifications will be determined on your preferences and budget.


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Design It, Build It, Move In.

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Shipping containers are the most cost effective building to transport. We supply nationwide and have transport depots across the country.

We also hold a rail license which enable us to transport to your closest rail depot, to save huge amounts in transport costs.

For example: We can transport a 20FT cabin from Brisbane to Sydney for $256.00 and from Brisbane to Melbourne for $560.00 normally to transport these distances the price would exceed $9,000.

Our company has spent two years redeveloping our building systems to ensure the rail approval and to give the client the most competitive price Australia wide.

All other portable buildings companies can only shift their units on road, which is extremely expensive.

Please call us now to receive a free quote for transport to your door  1300 965 359.


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