Middlemount Golf Club

This build was a large commercial construction with a variety of 20Ft, 40Ft containers including prefabricated cool rooms.
An amazing building and achievement with the entire container build completed within 60 days. 30 days ahead of schedule.
The existing golf club was destroyed and downtime was a major issue for the club.
We took extra measures and relocated additional workers from our Brisbane depot to complete this job in record time.

The building has already proven its strength due a massive cyclone that struck the area only days after the install. Houses were damaged, roofs torn off and trees down in the area. The golf club didn’t even blink an eye.
Another fantastic storey for container build group and its products.

A lot of large commercial projects are underway and a massive surge of companies going this way for future construction jobs.

With results like these and all our builds, it’s no wonder why.

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