Middlemount Golf Club

Middlemount Golf Club

Introducing an extraordinary commercial construction featuring a variety of 20Ft and 40Ft containers, including prefabricated cool rooms. This remarkable achievement was completed within a staggering 60 days, a remarkable 30 days ahead of schedule.
With our commitment to excellence, we proudly extend our services Australia-wide, catering to each capital city’s unique needs.

In vibrant Melbourne, our container build stands as a testament to innovation and modernity, providing versatile solutions for diverse commercial projects.

Bustling Sydney embraces our cutting-edge container technology, fostering sustainable developments that leave a positive impact on the environment.

The cultural hub of Brisbane boasts our expertise in delivering efficient and rapid construction solutions, ensuring minimal downtime for crucial projects.

In the picturesque landscape of Perth, our durable and resilient container builds stand tall, ready to withstand any challenge thrown by nature.

Cosmopolitan Adelaide welcomes our creative approach to construction, where function meets aesthetics in perfect harmony.

Historic Hobart appreciates our ability to craft customized container structures that blend seamlessly with the city’s unique charm.

The vibrant capital of Canberra embraces our container builds as a symbol of progress and adaptability, adding to the city’s modern landscape.

The urban oasis of Darwin trusts our solutions to withstand extreme weather conditions while maintaining top-notch performance.

Our success story reverberates through each capital city, inspiring a surge of companies choosing our innovative container builds for their future construction endeavors.

For any further inquiries or to explore our commercial offerings, please don’t hesitate to call our dedicated commercial department at 1300 965 359 or email us at sales@containerbuildgroup.com.au. Experience the excellence of Container Build Group and transform your construction vision into reality across all of Australia’s magnificent capital cities.



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