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Owners turn to shipping container homes to save time and money

A NEW housing trend is making waves across Sydney, with home builders using recycled shipping containers to create cool and quirky homes and granny flats.

Already popular throughout other parts of the world, demand for shipping container homes has grown considerably in Australia, as owners search for innovative ways to minimise costs and time.

The family’s home is made from seven shipping containers. Picture- Darren Leigh Roberts Source-News Corp Australia

The family’s home is made from seven shipping containers. Picture: Darren Leigh RobertsSource:News Corp Australia

CEO of Container Build Group Jamie Van Tongeren said Sydneysiders were keen to dive in, as there had been a massive upturn in demand for both residential and commercial property.

“Interest has been doubling every year for the last six or seven years,” he said.

“It is never slowing down, it only seems to get busier — it’s a cheaper, quicker way to build.”

With all the major building done within the factory, it can take just one day to assemble the structure, and as little as six weeks to complete a home, Mr Van Tongeren added.

The process begins by drilling holes into the ground, which are then filled with concrete and steel posts. The containers are then lowered onto the posts using a crane and welded together. Other features like the roof are then added.

Inside their Bundeena home. Picture Darren Leigh Roberts Source-News Corp Australia

Inside their Bundeena home. Picture Darren Leigh RobertsSource:News Corp Australia

It is the speed of construction where money can be saved on things like rent and labour, with the overall price in Sydney for a larger container home relatively similar to that of a standard brick property.

Smaller projects are more cost effective, with a container granny flat costing around $25,000, four times cheaper than using conventional materials.

James Lister and Kelly Ross built their split-level Bundeena home using shipping containers, attracted to the different look and design.

Built from seven separate containers, their architecturally designed three-bedroom home took four-and-a-half months to construct and cost around $550,000 to complete fully furnished.

“We love the aesthetic and look of it structurally,” Mr Lister said.

This Cronulla property is another example. Credit- Container Build Group Source-Supplied

This Cronulla property is another example. Credit: Container Build GroupSource:Supplied

“We had seen shipping containers used in so many different structures, we just thought why couldn’t it be a permanent fixture — it just seemed logical,” Ms Ross added

Using a recycled material was a big factor in the decision, with most containers classified as brand new, having undertaken just one overseas trip to Australia.

“We understand building does create a lot of waste but most the materials we used were recycled. The containers obviously helped,” Ms Ross said.

Other examples include another two-storey home in Cronulla made from eight containers and a three-bedroom property on the NSW north coast.

They are very popular in rural locations. Credit- Container Build Group Source-Supplied

They are very popular in rural locations. Credit: Container Build GroupSource:Supplied

Builder Aden Moxon of Moxon Bros specialises in assembling containers homes, and said there were different finishes available to suit the owner’s taste.

“You don’t have to stick with the traditional container look … timber and cladding can be used with it,” he said.

Originally published as Would you live inside a shipping container?


Ship-shape home solution

These popular cargo carriers are making waves in modular housing circles, writes Jennifer Veerhuis.

They may have originally been designed for life on the high seas but shipping containers are now experiencing a wave of new interest as a form of accommodation.

As Australians become more open to alternatives to traditional bricks and mortar, homes made from shipping containers have become a viable and in many cases quick way of creating new housing.

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Container Build Group in Daily Mail Australia…

We have featured in the news again which shows the interest from the media and the people of Australia.  It highlights the benefits and possibilities of a mere shipping container and creating a small Granny Flat through to the Luxury Home we all dream of owning.  Follow the link below to view the article:


Container Build Group in The Daily Telegraph

Once again, Container Build Group has been featured in Australia’s mainstream media, this time by Real Estate reporter Aidan Devine, published in The Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail and other syndicated newspapers.


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Container Build Group in Daily Mail UK

This week, we’ve been featured by the Daily Mail (UK) in their article: “Worth their fright in gold – Are luxury shipping containers the answer to Australia’s over-heated property market?”

Desperate home owners are turning to shipping containers as an affordable – and quick – way into Australia’s property market.

The strange trend has exploded across the nation, according to the CEO of the Container Build Group, Jamie Van Tongeren, who says buyers are attracted to the unique homes because they are cheap and quick to build.

Buyers are intrigued by the freight alternative to property – with three-bedroom homes costing about $170,000, and taking only 10 days to build.

‘It has already taken off. In the last 12 months we have doubled our revenue and I’m probably getting 50 to 70 inquiries per day,’ he said of his home grown business.

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Container Build Group on CNN

The international news channel CNN flew out to Australia this week to interview CEO Jamie Van Tongeren for a feature on the company for their show One Square Meter.

One Square Meter explores the leading architectural designs, city plans and demand for property investment in emerging markets.

Watch the show, where Jamie takes us through Australia’s largest shipping container home and explains his vision for the company.


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