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Container Pop Up Coffee Shop

Our shipping container pop-up coffee shops are fully customized to meet your requirements, offering a range of styles from sleek coffee shops to cozy cafes or even vibrant beer garden bars. These versatile pop-up cafes can easily be relocated or permanently secured in a chosen location.

Interior finishes are tailored to your preferences, with an array of options including tiles, stainless steel, stone, wood, composites, and laminates available to align with your business needs. Whether working from your existing plans and style guide or collaborating to express your branding, we ensure your pop-up coffee shop reflects your unique identity.

As the demand for recycled shipping container pop-up shops continues to rise, so does the value and profitability of their use. Container pop-up shops thrive on unused land in high traffic areas, offering event organizers and developers an efficient way to maximize space without significant infrastructure investments.

Our shipping container pop-up shops feature custom-designed kitchens tailored to your food and beverage offerings. Our designers ensure seamless integration of fridges, ovens, coffee machines, sinks, shelves, and more, all while maintaining ample serving space for customers.

To enhance your pop-up shop, we offer the option of a lightweight drop-down deck that matches the style and brand of your establishment. You can also choose to apply branding to a removable or permanent pop-out awning roof, complete with electric motors for shelter from unpredictable weather.

When it comes to the cost of a container pop-up coffee shop, prices can vary depending on your specific requirements. On average, the cost falls between $30,000 and $70,000, but it may differ based on your needs.

While we prioritize sustainability through the use of recycled shipping containers, we also prioritize style and functionality. Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide top-tier building methods while utilizing premium Australian building materials.

At CBG, we take pride in offering the best prices, service, and products for both the Australian and international markets. If you’re ready to discuss your project requirements, please give us a call at 1300 965 359 or email us at sales@containerbuildgroup.com.au for a detailed quote.

Shipping container pop-up shops are the optimal choice for businesses seeking an environmentally conscious and functional cafe setup without incurring unnecessary debt.

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