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Container Pop Up Coffee Shop

Our shipping container pop up coffee shops are fully customised to meet your requirements, ranging from sleek coffee shops to earthy cafes, or even beer garden bars. The pop up cafes can easily be picked up and move or secured in location permanently.

Interior finishes can be picked from a wide variety of tiles, stainless steel, stone, wood, composites and laminates available to fit your business’ needs. We can either work from your existing plans and style guide or work with you to ensure your branding is expressed through the look and feel of your pop up coffee shop.

As the popularity for recycled shipping containers and pop up coffee shops continues to grow, so does the value and profit made from their use.

Container pop up shops are perfect on unused land in high traffic areas, there are a lot of event organisers who are looking to maximise the space they have available or even developers who are several years off breaking ground. Most are happy if they can get any rent without needing to put infrastructure in until they are ready. A short term lease with cheap rent in a high traffic area is very attractive and gives the added edge to those with a container pop up shop.

The shipping container pop up shops come equipped with a custom designed kitchen specific for the foods and drinks you are selling, when you work with our designer we ensure you are able to fit in all of the fridges, ovens, coffee machines, sinks, shelves, cupboards and everything else while still having a wide bench space for serving customers.

Your custom pop up shop can be fitted with a drop down deck made from lightweight materials matching the style of your pop up shop and brand. Branding can also be applied to a removable roof or permanent pop out awning roof with an electric motor on each side of the container, these are great options to provide shade and shelter regardless of the crazy Australian weather.

How much does a container pop up coffee shop cost?

The cost varies greatly with the requirements, between $30k an $70k is reasonable but it can be a lot more or less.

Just because we build with reused shipping containers does not mean they can’t be used to build stylish and functional pop up shops at a great price. We always strive for excellence, providing sustainable building methods while utilizing the best building materials Australia has to offer.

We are value driven and understand the need to maximise quality while being on tight budgets, this is why we have worked hard ensure our clients benefit from our experience and buying power.

At CBG we genuinely offer the best price, service and product available for the Australian and International market. If you would like to discuss your requirements call us on 1300965359 or send us an email at sales@containerbuildgroup.com.au for a quote.

Shipping container pop up shops are the right choice for businesses who want an eco conscience and functional cafe business without going unnecessary debt.

Coffee Shop container – 20Ft


Commercial Kitchen Container – 20Ft


20 Ft Side Opening Container



Coffs Harbour Jetty Container – 20 Ft

Coffs Harbour jetty cafe 6



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