One room 20 Ft Custom Cabin

One room 20 Ft Custom Cabin

Uncover the innovative potential of the 20FT(6m) custom container – a revolutionary solution stemming from the essence of a 20FT high cube container. From the vibrant landscapes of Sydney to the cultural gems of Melbourne, the bustling streets of Brisbane to the tranquil vistas of Perth, and extending across every dynamic capital city in Australia, this unit stands as a testament to creativity and forward-thinking.

The 20FT(6m) custom container surpasses mere structural boundaries; it embodies a realm where imagination knows no limits. Adaptable to your preferences, this versatile unit encapsulates the spirit of customization. Step into a space filled with natural light streaming through expansive glass doors, merging the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Even the original container doors transform, becoming gateways that extend your living area.

Envision an artist’s haven, a sanctuary of inspiration, or a home office designed to amplify productivity. Yet, this unit’s potential transcends beyond imagination, accommodating diverse lifestyles with grace.

The 20FT(6m) custom container excels in both cost-effectiveness and convenience, breaking free from geographical confines to deliver its charm across Australia. Whether you find yourself amidst the cultural embrace of Adelaide or the political pulse of Canberra, within the enchantment of Hobart or the tropical allure of Darwin, this unit stands poised to redefine your living space.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in our best price guarantee. Should you encounter a more compelling offer for a specific unit, rest assured that we’re dedicated to exceeding it.

Embark on a journey of possibilities with the 20FT(6m) custom container. Whether you’re nestled within Sydney’s bustling energy or Melbourne’s cultural tapestry, thriving amidst Brisbane’s urban buzz or Perth’s tranquil charm, or residing in the heart of any Australian capital city, this unit embodies innovation without bounds. Reach out to us today and immerse yourself in the limitless potential of the 20FT(6m) custom container.

Custom 20FT-6m x 2.4m

Container spec:
Recycled high cube  20FT shipping container.
reinforced 100mm x 50mmx2mm window and door cutouts.
Full weld on all external openings –Min C2 rating
50mm EPS internal wall and ceiling insulation.
Timber laminate flooring.
Timber window and door internal trim
Electrical components:
Smoke alarm.
Electrical fit out
2 double power points
2 dome internal lights
Internal sub board
external junction box.
2100mmx2700mm sliding door.
1200mmx600mm glass sliding window.

We custom build our cabins and many additional options and finishes are available such as decking or roofing systems.

2 weeks from order.


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