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Remote Campsite cabin

Introducing our high cube 40FT container model, thoughtfully split into 4 private bedrooms, a perfect solution for remote campsites that prioritize comfortable sleeping conditions and privacy. Container Build Group is proud to offer our services Australia-wide, with a focus on each captivating capital city by name.

This innovative cabin design provides exceptional flexibility to remote work sites, allowing for easy addition of more sleeping cabins as needed. But that’s not all – at Container Build Group, we specialize in custom building container units, including remote commercial kitchens, site offices, recreation rooms, and ablution blocks – all ingeniously constructed within shipping containers and conveniently delivered to your site as required.

The standard campsite cabin features four separate access bedrooms, each offering ample space to fit a single bed or a bunk bed, a cozy sitting bench, and a small wardrobe. Our container cabins are fully insulated, ensuring a comfortable stay even in harsh weather conditions. Each separate bedroom is equipped with one large sliding window with an aluminum frame and door, allowing natural light to fill the space.

With room dimensions of 2.2m x 2.9m, the total length of our remote campsite cabin is 12.2m, with a width of 2.4 meters, approximately 30 square meters in total. At Container Build Group, we proudly custom make each container cabin in our Australian workshop, allowing us to design and build cabins tailored to your exact requirements. You have the option to choose between one or two bedrooms and allocate the remaining space for a bathroom, kitchen, or lounge area.

Safety and security are paramount, especially in remote locations. Our remote campsite cabins are built to be secure, and we offer upgrades for sites prone to vandalism and theft. Apart from standard locks, hinged steel safety screens can be installed on the windows, providing added protection when your team is away from the site.

To ensure these cabins can function optimally in remote locations, we have designed them to run off a small generator or offer the option to add a built-in plug-and-go RPC off-grid solar unit.

Our shipping container cabins are built in our factory and can be easily transported on a train or semi-truck, unloaded with a crane or suitable forklift. Assembling the cabins onsite is quick and efficient, often taking only a couple of hours.

At Container Build Group, we take pride in our Lismore, Australia-based facility, where we custom build all of our models. We offer a wide range of exterior and interior materials to cater to your preferences and needs.

For further information on our shipping container off-grid cabins or to discuss your project requirements, give us a call at 1300 965 359 or email us at Let our expertise and dedication create a seamless and comfortable living solution for your remote campsite needs.


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