The Executive

The Executive

The Executive container home redefines modern living, catering to professional couples and empty nesters alike who seek both style and comfort. Whether you’re thriving in the vibrant energy of Sydney, soaking in Melbourne’s cultural richness, embracing Brisbane’s urban charm, or residing in any of Australia’s captivating capital cities, this home embraces the essence of versatility.

Crafted from four 20FT high cube containers, the Executive home seamlessly melds functionality with aesthetic appeal. Designed with meticulous precision, it leverages every square inch to its advantage, making the most of the container’s inherent strengths. This approach allows us to not only optimize space but also incorporate additional features like a rooftop tiled terrace and convenient undercover car parking.

The entire build process unfolds in our factory, with every detail expertly pre-constructed and meticulously planned. Once on-site, the components come together seamlessly, resulting in a home that’s not only visually stunning but also incredibly efficient.

The Executive container home is truly exceptional, offering a wide array of internal and external layout variations tailored to your budget and specifications. It’s a home that stands out from the rest, boasting a host of additional features that contribute to its exceptional quality and cost-effective living experience.

As Container Build Group, we stand by our commitment to offering the best price, service, and container homes available both in Australia and on the international stage. We invite you to discuss your unique requirements with us, whether you’re located in the vibrant heart of Adelaide, the political hub of Canberra, the picturesque beauty of Hobart, or any other city across the nation.

Container homes epitomize eco-conscious and functional living, offering families a sustainable and practical housing solution. If you’re ready to embark on this journey towards modern living, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1300 965 359 or via email at Your dream of a unique, innovative, and eco-friendly container home is just a call away.

All homes are custom built. Full specifications will be determined on your preferences and budget.


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