Dangerous Goods Container

Dangerous Goods Container

This model was designed and built as part of a project we recently completed, a series of 4 shipping containers for the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. The other shipping container units were a 40ft main bar, 20ft beer garden and a 20ft coffee and snacks container.

The dangerous goods shipping container is a 20 ft standard DG container, modified with 12 additional galvanised mesh and vents to the bifold door panels, the floor is steel mesh in case of spills.

These modifications keep the unit well ventilated, preventing toxic gases accumulate while maintaining strong security to keep unauthorized personnel out.

Although potential gases and toxins do not build up, we still recommend you locate your container somewhere isolated and not near any food or beverage outlet.

The 20ft DG container has a 2500 litre bund capacity and can be fitted with shelves and frames specific for your requirements. Ideal for all your gas and chemical storage needs.

The bifold door panels open up the full 6m width of the shipping container so removal of the contents is done easily and quickly. The doors are well balanced so it’s easy for an individual to open and access the dangerous goods shipping container.

Our dangerous goods container can be safely transported on a truck and dropped on site, a tilt truck or crane truck may be required depending on your site and requirements.

No extra footings are required if the container is being placed on solid and flat ground.

We are value driven and always ensure our clients benefit from our buying power on shipping containers and building materials.

At CBG we genuinely offer the best price, service and product available.

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External Dimensions

Length:6.10 m (20′)

Width:2.44 m (8′)

Height:2.59 m (8’6″)

Internal Dimensions

Length:5.90 m (19’4″)

Width:2.35 m (7’8″)

Height:2.38 m (7’10”)

Door Size

Width:2.34 m (7’8″)

Height:2.28 m (7’5″)


Max Gross:30,480 kg (67,196 lb)

Tare:2,230 kg (4,916 lb)

Max Payload:26,740 kg (58,598 lb)

Volume:76.4 m3 (2,698 cft)


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