Expo Container – 20Ft

Expo container – 20Ft

Introducing the Expo container – a versatile and innovative solution built from a 20FT High cube container, proudly offered by Container Build Group. As a nationwide and national service, we extend our offerings to every captivating capital city in Australia.

The Expo container showcases a host of features that make it an exceptional choice for various events and exhibitions. Its full tilt-up side panel is powered by twin electric actuators, offering effortless setup and adjustment. A retractable track light system in the awning and inside the main area ensures a well-lit and captivating atmosphere.

Access to the top storey is made convenient with an internal staircase and handrail, providing easy movement for attendees. To ensure security, the Expo container is equipped with a gas strut-assisted color bond custom hatch, safeguarding valuable equipment and merchandise.

With full engineering compliance for commercial rating of up to 400KG per SQM, you can trust the Expo container’s structural integrity to meet the demands of various setups and events.

The balustrade is crafted from aluminum modular style fencing, a sleek and durable feature that can be easily installed onsite, providing both safety and an appealing aesthetic.

Internal functionality is well-catered for with an electrical fit-out for lighting and power, and an external inlet socket for a plug-and-play setup, ensuring a seamless experience for exhibitors and attendees alike.

Additional welded flat bars on internal wall sections offer a convenient mounting solution for merchandise displays, enhancing the overall presentation of products.

The Expo container is thoughtfully designed with internal and external paint, and the internal timber wall is lined with 4.5mm fibro, creating a versatile canvas for wall-mounted plasma screens once onsite.

With a basic internal finish, the Expo container embraces an industrial look, exuding modernity and practicality. For further customization, internal lining can be easily added, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your event’s unique theme and branding.

For pricing and more details on customization options, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1300 965 359. Experience the excellence of our nationwide and national service as we bring the Expo container to each captivating capital city in Australia, providing solutions that impress and inspire at every event and exhibition.


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