Eco Cabin 2.0

The Eco Cabin 2.0 is is based on a 40 ft and 20ft container joined to make double width container living.

The doubled area can be either the bedroom or kitchen dinning at no additional cost.

For further information and plans of this unit, please contact us direct.

This unit has an inbuilt solar power system. Off grid with batteries, panels with a pre wired solar system made from all Genuine German parts from . This unit also comes with a compost toilet with a wide variety available to suit all individual needs from .

Like all of our models there is the retractable fold down deck available with insulated roofing systems which also collect rain water. The entire unit can be dropped onsite ready to live free from any other household bills. For more information and options on this unit, please contact us today.

Container spec:

Recycled  40FT and 20FT high cube shipping container.
Reinforced 100mm x 50mmx2mm window and door cut-outs.
Full weld on all external openings –Min C2 rating
50mm EPS internal wall and ceiling insulation.
150mm custom EPS trim deck roofing system.
Timber laminate flooring.
Timber window and door internal trim
Electrical components:
Smoke alarm.
Electrical fit out
4 double power points
4 dome internal lights
Internal sub board
external junction box.
 Stone bench top.
2pac cabinetry
Stainless steel kick.
Double sink.
Swivel tap mixer.
Bed- 1200mmx12mm sliding window
Living-600mmx1200mm kitchen window,2100mmx2700mm sliding door.
Bathroom-900mmx600mm obscure glass sliding window.
Tiled floor with tile band.
Composting toilet by EcoFlo-(full range available at
Shower base.
Shower head.

We custom build our cabins and many additional options and finishes are available.

Off grid solar:

1- PV and Batteries

2 -SOL-T200 Trina 200W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel 24V


3- BAT-ROL600 Rolls 600Ahr 2 x 6V 2.00


Clenergy Ezrack Rail Pair 3405mm (suit 4 modules @



Ezrack End CLamp 40mm 4.00

6 SFX-ER-IC40 Ezrack Inter module Clamp 35/40mm 6.00


Ezrack Tilt Kit Adjustable 15-30 deg (1 x front foot + 1

x rear leg and foot)


8 Distribution Board


9 INV-LS1224 Latronics Sine Wave 24V 1200/3600W 1.00

10 BCH-VS2450 Victron Skylla 24Volt 50Amp 3 Stage Automatic

Charger C/- with 1.5m of 13mm Battery Leads & 8mm

Lugs & 2m AC lead & 3pin 10A Plug


11 REG-L40 Regulator Plasmatronics LCD Display pl40 40A 1.00

12 RGX-P200 External Shunt 200A – 75mV with Base 1.00

13 RGX-P01 PLS2 External Shunt Adapter 1.00

14 RGX-P28 Shielded WYS Cable 3m for PL20/40 1.00

15 REG-L00 DC Distribution Box – 6 Circuits 1.00

16 FUS-C63 Circuit Breaker 63A 6kA Single Pole Hager 1.00

17 BO-051-240 8 Pole Distribution Box IP55 Rated 1.00


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