The Big Tiny House from Container Build Group

The Big Tiny House from Container Build Group

Embarking on a journey of innovation, Container Build Group introduces the Big Tiny home – a manifestation of creativity and utility that reaches every captivating capital city and corner of Australia.

From the foundation of our entry-level 20FT high cube container, the decision was made to elevate this concept by seamlessly merging two 20FT high cube containers. The result? The awe-inspiring Big Tiny home – a symbol of ingenious design and limitless possibilities.

Within this spacious haven, the Big Tiny home seamlessly integrates a fully equipped kitchen, a practical laundry space, a rejuvenating bathroom, and a custom fold-down bed/lounge. Every element is thoughtfully curated, adorned with high-quality fittings that epitomize luxury.

Our design ethos is rooted in attention to detail. The Big Tiny home is a solution tailored for those seeking to downsize their living arrangements without compromising on comfort. Moreover, it presents an exciting avenue to expand your living space, whether you’re considering an additional home for extra income or to welcome your visiting guests.

The allure of our stunning addition extends to various applications, captivating residential and commercial clients across Australia. From serene caravan parks to eco-tourism cabins, from efficient site offices to visionary ventures, the Big Tiny home resonates with hearts and ambitions.

Versatility reigns supreme in the Big Tiny home’s DNA. Whether you lean towards an on-grid connection or embrace the allure of off-grid living, our solution adapts to your power preferences.

But let’s not forget the heart of our endeavor – to serve every capital city and region of Australia. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, or Darwin, the Big Tiny home is at your service.

Embrace the journey with us as we unravel the endless possibilities of the Big Tiny home. Connect with our team to uncover a myriad of options and pricing details that await you. Reach out today and let’s redefine your living experience with the Big Tiny home – a testament to innovation that knows no boundaries.

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