Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Brisbane Entertainment Centre

At Container Build Group, we take immense pride in announcing our triumphant collaboration with Weser Ice, a venture that encompasses our services Australia-wide, reaching every captivating capital city in the country.

As winners of the prestigious contract, we have successfully produced an impressive array of shipping container structures tailored to Weser Ice’s exact specifications. This exceptional lineup includes a breathtaking 40ft main bar, a cozy 20ft beer garden, a delightful 20ft coffee and snacks container, and a custom dangerous goods container, ingeniously designed to house gas bottles and chemicals for the site.

The 40ft main bar stands as a testament to our dedication to functional brilliance. Equipped with two large roller doors on one side, it allows easy and quick loading of double-sided fridges from the rear, ensuring a seamless flow of service without disturbing the diligent staff attending to customers. The ample shelving and cupboards provide abundant storage for all the delectable snacks and foods.

Adding a touch of convenience, the two pop-up awnings above the long counter are expertly supported by gas struts, making opening and closing a breeze. Ensuring safety during downtime, these awnings are securely locked when the bar is not in use, preserving the bar’s integrity.

The wood composite cladding, carefully custom-fitted to the exterior, maintains access to the transport connection points. Clients have the option to retain the original container exterior or explore a variety of cladding options available, allowing for a seamless integration with their branding and aesthetics.

Emulating the charm of the 40ft main bar, the 20ft beer garden offers a cozier version for guests to unwind and relish the beverages. The 3 food and drink shipping containers boast the same wood composite cladding on the exterior, accentuated by elegantly painted black doors and awnings, creating a bold yet immaculately clean look.

Presenting an exceptional culinary experience, the 20ft coffee and snacks shipping container is designed akin to our esteemed cafe containers. Featuring extra cabinets, a stove, cooktop, and stainless steel sinks, it offers abundant space custom-designed for the client’s specific cooking appliances and food fridges.

At Container Build Group, we take sustainability and excellence seriously. Our shipping containers come fully insulated and are meticulously constructed in our Australian workshop before being transported to their final destination. Ensuring safe and efficient transportation, our container bars and cafes can be securely transported on trucks and effortlessly placed at their designated locations with the help of a crane. Additionally, if suitable, they can be unloaded and relocated with the assistance of a forklift, leaving both top and bottom corner fittings exposed.

We also produced the construction drawings, 3D render and walk through video. If you are interested in a custom shipping container bar or cafe, please email us at or call us on 1300 965 359.


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