Off Grid Office

Off Grid Container Office

Introducing an extraordinary commercial construction featuring a variety of 20Ft and 40Ft containers, including prefabricated cool rooms. This remarkable achievement was completed within a staggering 60 days, an impressive 30 days ahead of schedule.

At Container Build Group, we take immense pride in our nationwide presence, extending our top-notch services to every state and their vibrant capital cities.

In New South Wales, the bustling metropolis of Sydney embraces our cutting-edge container technology, fostering sustainable developments that leave a positive impact on the environment.

Victoria’s cultural hub, Melbourne, stands tall with our innovative container builds, symbolizing progress and adaptability within the city’s dynamic landscape.

In Queensland’s sunshine state, Brisbane, we deliver efficient and rapid construction solutions, ensuring minimal downtime for crucial projects.

South Australia’s cosmopolitan capital, Adelaide, marvels at our ability to craft customized container structures that blend seamlessly with the city’s unique charm.

The picturesque landscape of Western Australia’s Perth welcomes our durable and resilient container builds, prepared to withstand any challenge nature throws their way.

Tasmania’s historic capital, Hobart, appreciates our creative approach to construction, where function meets aesthetics in perfect harmony.

The political center of Australia, Canberra, embraces our container builds as a symbol of innovation and modernity, adding to the city’s architectural diversity.

Up in the Northern Territory, Darwin trusts our solutions to withstand extreme weather conditions while maintaining top-notch performance.

Our success story reverberates through each state and their capital cities, inspiring a surge of companies to choose our innovative container builds for their future construction endeavors.

For any further inquiries or to explore our commercial offerings, please don’t hesitate to call our dedicated commercial department at 1300 965 359 or email us at Experience the excellence of Container Build Group as we transform construction visions into reality across all magnificent states and their vibrant capital cities.

Off Grid Office 6m x 2.4m 14.4 SQM

Container spec:

New 20FT high cube shipping container.

reinforced 100mm x 50mmx2mm window and door cutouts.


50mm EPS internal wall and ceiling insulation.


Vinyl plank flooring.


Timber window and door internal trim.

Electrical components:

Smoke alarm.

Electrical fit out.

4 double power points.

3 LED down lights.

Internal sub board.

External junction box.


Laminate bench.


Stainless steel kick.

Double sink.

Swivel tap mixer.


2x1200mmx1500mm sliding window

900mmx600mm with obscured sliding glass for the bathroom.

2x 820 External P/A doors.


Coved vinyl floor.

Dual flush toilet.

Small vanity basin.



High flow pressure water pump. 240V

Custom built 160Lt water tank.

Custom built 160LT sewage holding tank.

Macerator septic pressure pump.

Off grid solar packages are available on the solar page.

We custom build our cabins and many additional options and finishes are available.


Design It, Build It, Move In.

Well, maybe a little more to it, more details here


Shipping containers are the most cost effective building to transport. We supply nationwide and have transport depots across the country.

We also hold a rail license which enable us to transport to your closest rail depot, to save huge amounts in transport costs.

For example: We can transport a 20FT cabin from Brisbane to Sydney for $256.00 and from Brisbane to Melbourne for $560.00 normally to transport these distances the price would exceed $9,000.

Our company has spent two years redeveloping our building systems to ensure the rail approval and to give the client the most competitive price Australia wide.

All other portable buildings companies can only shift their units on road, which is extremely expensive.

Please call us now to receive a free quote for transport to your door.


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